Walker Motors

I recently built another website for Walker Motors a car sales company in Aberdeen, who specialist in the resale of pre-owned cars. The build of this site was another collaboration with 06 Media and unlike the other sites i’ve worked on the one was a first for me in that the client had already chosen a pre built WordPress theme that they liked.

Therefore it was my job to install, configure and customise their chosen theme so it fit more with their branding and also added their exsiting stock of cars to the site.


Check it out here

Quayside Fabrication

I recently got asked by a contact of mine to build a website for a fabrication company in Aberdeen by the name of Quayside Fabrications. I had the task of taking a design produced by 06 Media and turning it into a custom WordPress theme that applied the design accurately.

The design had the common elements for most modern sites including big nav and banners.


One of the biggest challenges was some of the pages included either repeating content and/or tables with repeating content, this is where ‘Advanced Custom Fields‘ came in which in my personal opinion might be the best WordPress plugins I’ve ever found!

Take a look at the finished site here.

Leaving Edinburgh, Hello Brough


Me and my Fiancé have lived in Edinburgh now for about a year and half and for the most part have enjoyed time that we have been here some times have been hard with us having to get used to many new things, a new house and a new city. All of these things can take their toll especially if you haven’t had luck finding a job you enjoy, which is exactly the situation my Fiancé is in which not only makes here unhappy but having a part time job in an expensive city makes life difficult.

Due to this situation we had a talk and decided to look for jobs elsewhere hopefully something with better prospects elsewhere for both of us, being a web developer i tend to find work is anywhere in the country so seemed like a no brainer really.

After looking around the many source for jobs I found one outside of Hull called Bluestorm Design, which are an integrated marketing agency, my role there will be as a Web Developer.

Go check them out http://bluestormdesign.co.uk

Not so Junior anymore!

Whoop! a year of hard work has paid off and been recognised and I’ve been official promoted from Junior Developer at Multiply to a Full Developer role.

I’ve spent most of the year building interactive and engaging eLearning for one of the UK’s largest banks, The Royal Bank of Scotland here in my role at Multiply, which required me to learn the ins and outs of the companies eLearning development system which has generation systems to allow us to generate eLearning modules a lot fastest than if we were nearly hand coding them in html, most of the modules had an incredible amount of Javascript learning me the need to get my javascript skills to a increased level of understanding to allow me to work at the pace that is needed.

On top of these requires all of the modules we build have to conform to the Banks stringent guidelines for building eLearning modules, which most of all included making sure all the modules would work completely and look perfect on Internet Explorer 6, which is a tricky task at the best of times, all of this however, did give me a very good understanding in cross browser development; especially in older browsers.

I look forward however to the new trials and tasks that become of being a full developer!

Maspie House Gallery

I’ve recently been working on the development of a new website for a  project starting up in Falkland, Scotland called Maspie House Gallery. The project is setup in a beautiful 18th century building that hosts art from some of Scotland’s finest artists.

As the project was completely new there was no previous work carried out on the web front, therefore the site had to be designed, developed and setup and thats where my involved was needed.

In the design phase I decided to try and go with a style that was clean and minimal, therefore would accent the art and exhibitions that were going to appear on the site, thats why the style I went for was mostly white:MaspieHouseGallery-style-post

The website was built and powered by several handy 3rd party technologies that made the development easier and more reliable, the main two being WordPress and Bootstrap. Thus enabling the website to be content managed and always current (a must for the likes of a gallery) and also be responsive and scale down correctly for all device users, be it mobile or desktop.

To see more screenshots of the style and a bit more about the tech used see here.

If you want to have a look at the running website take a look here: Maspie House Gallery