My new toy…and Phil

Well its been a while since I last wrote a post, still trying to get myself into this whole blogging routine, so I thought I’d tell you about a recent purchase I’ve made and my new friend Phil.

For a while now I’ve being trying to get into playing around with music production, mainly of the electronic dance kind since I’m a big Dubstep/Drum and Bass fan playing around in music production software, or DAW (Digital Audio Workstation as the more experienced people call it) to create it.

The first thing I noticed once that while the bulk of it can be easily handled with a mouse and a normal pc keyboard It was immediately apart that I was going to have to get my hands on a midi keyboard, now a midi keyboard is basically just a keyboard that you can plug into a computer, usually by usb and looks like normal musical keyboard and makes life easier when creating music. So I jumped on amazon and looked for the cheapest one I could find with the best reviews settling on the: M-Audio Keystation Mini 32, which you can see below:M-Audio-Keystation-Mini-32

Hopefully I’ll have a short song to post in the not too distant future!


Now lets talk about Phil…


A couple of weeks ago Sophie, my girlfriend, said that she’d bought me something off Amazon and it was coming to my work but I wasn’t to open it until I got home. When I got home and opened the package it turned out to be something called nanoblocks, which is basically really really small lego blocks. The pack of blocks made a little owl and had instructions (mostly in Japanese) to build it, so with some heated construction me and Sophie made the little owl. Whilst making it I thought it would be fun to take pictures of the process and make a gif out of it and you can see that to the left.

Also I don’t know why I named him Phil, It just seemed fitting.



Thanks for reading, check back soon!

Moving to Edinburgh, new Job


I recently stepped down as a director/developer at PixelBrawl Studio, this was mainly due to lack of work and funds, we weren’t getting much work through and the work we were getting was mostly web development work, something which I have a strong understanding of, so obviously it made sense to stop struggling with money and try and find another full time job, and a job that would earn me a living.

I started applying for jobs around and about on the usual sites and doing a small amount of freelance on the side, until finally I got some interest for a a Junior Developer position in the wonderful Scottish city of Edinburgh. I travelled up for an interview on a sunny Wednesday, the interview went really well and I got asked back for a trial on the following Monday. After leaving home for a trial, i got put up in a hotel and never ended up returning for home until 6 months later with my partners parents having to bring up our living stuff!

The company i now work for is MultiplyUK, go check them out here:


New website

Hi there!

Welcome to the brand new website!

If you’ve been to the site before you might have noticed that there wasn’t a blog, well thats changed and with the new site I’m going to start writing a blog, which will hopefully be interesting and informative.

The contents of this blog may be anything from random content about my life to tutorials from myself on various topics.

So thats it folks, check by soon for some more exciting content!