Leaving Edinburgh, Hello Brough


Me and my Fiancé have lived in Edinburgh now for about a year and half and for the most part have enjoyed time that we have been here some times have been hard with us having to get used to many new things, a new house and a new city. All of these things can take their toll especially if you haven’t had luck finding a job you enjoy, which is exactly the situation my Fiancé is in which not only makes here unhappy but having a part time job in an expensive city makes life difficult.

Due to this situation we had a talk and decided to look for jobs elsewhere hopefully something with better prospects elsewhere for both of us, being a web developer i tend to find work is anywhere in the country so seemed like a no brainer really.

After looking around the many source for jobs I found one outside of Hull called Bluestorm Design, which are an integrated marketing agency, my role there will be as a Web Developer.

Go check them out http://bluestormdesign.co.uk