Maspie House Gallery

I’ve recently been working on the development of a new website for a  project starting up in Falkland, Scotland called Maspie House Gallery. The project is setup in a beautiful 18th century building that hosts art from some of Scotland’s finest artists.

As the project was completely new there was no previous work carried out on the web front, therefore the site had to be designed, developed and setup and thats where my involved was needed.

In the design phase I decided to try and go with a style that was clean and minimal, therefore would accent the art and exhibitions that were going to appear on the site, thats why the style I went for was mostly white:MaspieHouseGallery-style-post

The website was built and powered by several handy 3rd party technologies that made the development easier and more reliable, the main two being WordPress and Bootstrap. Thus enabling the website to be content managed and always current (a must for the likes of a gallery) and also be responsive and scale down correctly for all device users, be it mobile or desktop.

To see more screenshots of the style and a bit more about the tech used see here.

If you want to have a look at the running website take a look here: Maspie House Gallery