Not so Junior anymore!

Whoop! a year of hard work has paid off and been recognised and I’ve been official promoted from Junior Developer at Multiply to a Full Developer role.

I’ve spent most of the year building interactive and engaging eLearning for one of the UK’s largest banks, The Royal Bank of Scotland here in my role at Multiply, which required me to learn the ins and outs of the companies eLearning development system which has generation systems to allow us to generate eLearning modules a lot fastest than if we were nearly hand coding them in html, most of the modules had an incredible amount of Javascript learning me the need to get my javascript skills to a increased level of understanding to allow me to work at the pace that is needed.

On top of these requires all of the modules we build have to conform to the Banks stringent guidelines for building eLearning modules, which most of all included making sure all the modules would work completely and look perfect on Internet Explorer 6, which is a tricky task at the best of times, all of this however, did give me a very good understanding in cross browser development; especially in older browsers.

I look forward however to the new trials and tasks that become of being a full developer!